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Simple tips to boost motivation and stay productive!

Everybody has good and bad days – the trick to being successful is making sure that you’re consistently motivated enough to keep the bad days to a minimum. Without motivation it’s not only difficult to do as much work as usual, but even starting a new task becomes a herculean effort. If you can get started and make some progress then you might be able to build momentum up off of that, but otherwise you’ll be left floundering for the rest of the day. Treat your week like an inbox That little moment — when you’ve finished one task, but haven’t started the next yet — is the perfect moment for everything to fall apart. One distraction can spiral into another, and you’ve wasted the afternoon befo

Payroll for small businesses: What you need to know

Whether the business you’re accounting for is just starting up or it’s a seasoned SME, ensuring employees are paid correctly is a fundamental aspect of running a successful business. Regardless of its business sector, employee duties or opening hours, it is your legal obligation as an employer to deliver what’s expected when payday comes around. Purpose of Payroll Besides delivering employees’ salaries, the payroll system is responsible for everything from monitoring holiday pay to statutory sick pay and bonuses. Each time you run the payroll, the government requires you to record employees’ National Insurance (NI) and tax and report it online under the Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE syste

Half of small businesses make VAT return errors

Half of small businesses surveyed said they had made mistakes when sending in their VAT return and only a quarter were confident they had the figures correct despite spending more than an hour checking. With the first deadline for online filing under Making Tax Digital for VAT falling this month, software specialist Intuit QuickBooks surveyed 500 UK small business owners in July and found they spend an average of 86 minutes checking their figures before sending their VAT return to HMRC. Yet 51% have made mistakes when completing their VAT return and only a quarter (27%) say they feel confident they have filed their return correctly. Of those who made errors with their VAT return, 27% overpai




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